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At SB Metalsavers, Inc, we offer a wide range of scrap metal recycling services and collection containers for recyclables. From special equipment for reclamation, disassembly or collection, to identifying the aftermarket most advantageous to you, SB Metalsavers, Inc. experience in the metals business allows us to obtain highly competitive pricing for your metal recyclables:

  • Fixed Brokerage Sales – Let SB Metalsavers, Inc. broker your metals to get the highest possible return.
  • Post-Reclamation Salvage – Our ability to maximize sales of your goods.
  • Direct Supplier to Foundries and Mills – Eliminating the middleman allows us to pay “top-dollar” to our customers.

Items accepted:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Stainless
  • Hi-Temp Alloys

SB Metalsavers, Inc. established in February 2005 but with more than 15 years of experience
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